July 10 – July 21, 2007

First Annual Mission Pie Baking Contest
My work exists in between things: between sculpture and performance, between object and installation, between the strength, beauty and awkwardness to be found at transitions. For this summer residency, I conducted a series of experiments at the transition of Southern Exposure's life. 2901 Mission Street was soon to see its tenant, Southern Exposure, leave. In its place, the permanent home of Mission Pie, an urban bakery and farm stand. What's at the meeting of an arts organization and a bakery devoted to community and organic farming? What stories are to be told from one to the other? How can the space of this storefront register both? And how can it serve to enrich them both? I addressed these questions at the site's transition from Southern Exposure to Mission Pie by delivering pies, drawing stories, conducting a pie-eating contest and other inbetween acts.

photos: Corinne Schultz/SOEX